Dec 5 Auckland: Demystifying #Blockchain with Steve Outtrim

  ICO's, Cryptocurrency and More! My friend Steve Outtrim has returned to New Zealand after nearly 25 years. He may not be a household name here, but he was at the forefront of the internet revolution in the mid-90s with his company¬†Sausage Software¬†which he founded in Melbourne in 1995. In 1996 he listed the company … Continue reading Dec 5 Auckland: Demystifying #Blockchain with Steve Outtrim

zMint Client SHELTERCOIN Go Public In Fast Company

zMint Limited has been working with Advanced Shelter Systems, Inc of Napa, CA and the SHELTERCOIN Foundation to design a new digital token for disaster response. In the wake of devastating floods and hurricanes around the world, the timing is right for a new de-centralized solution to providing shelter to those who need it most, … Continue reading zMint Client SHELTERCOIN Go Public In Fast Company

Dorjee Sun – Detailed Profile

Dorjee Sun @dorjeesun Dorjee is a serial social entrepreneur who has co-founded 17 companies with 2 acquisitions and 3 exits and assets sales. Dorjee is founder and director of the Home Group which owns equity in companies that work in the areas of conservation, agriculture, philanthropy, technology and financial innovation. Dorjee is also a founder … Continue reading Dorjee Sun – Detailed Profile

zMint Signs First Alt-coin Client has entered into a joint venture to help design a philanthropic token for disaster relief. The new token will exist on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an altruistic community offering to help a business doing good in the world, there is no investment or security aspect to the tokens. The project is in stealth … Continue reading zMint Signs First Alt-coin Client