Audit & Escrow

zMint Audit and Escrow service delivers first-class corporate governance to people and organizations operating in blockchain-based environments.

zMint can serve as an intermediary between professional investors and blockchain startups.

Our Audit and compliance service provides an independent review of a startup’s activities to investors. Our experience in traditional and digital industries enable detailed and practical reporting metrics to be developed in collaboration with the startup.

Escrow services protect token purchasers to ensure that the funds are applied appropriately. Our Audit and compliance services provide a complementary service to Escrow, or we can work with third party audit and compliance services.

Investors may be reluctant to share identification documents with unknown organizations. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations may wish to reassure customers of their integrity, while not publicly revealing their identities or physical locations.

zMint can provide nominee services for investors who wish to remain anonymous to the startup.

We can perform Know Your Customer checks on investors and management teams, storing all confidential data with utmost security.

We can prepare due diligence reports and audit investigations on companies raising funds through Token Crowdsales. We can provide Corporate Governance with Independent Directors.

Our escrow function holds tokens offsite in cold storage in multi-signature wallets. Companies signing up to this program get tokens released to them as milestones outlined in their initial whitepaper are met. The process is overseen by an independent Board of Directors, appointed in consultation with the company.

Quarterly reporting to an independent board gives much needed organizational structure, checks and balances, and performance incentives to startups. It also gives confidence and reassurance to investors. Certification by zMint’s Audit and Escrow service tells token buyers that you are a respectable organization that plans to live up to its promises.

To apply for zMint’s Audit and Escrow service please contact us here.