Dec 5 Auckland: Demystifying #Blockchain with Steve Outtrim


ICO’s, Cryptocurrency and More!
My friend Steve Outtrim has returned to New Zealand after nearly 25 years. He may not be a household name here, but he was at the forefront of the internet revolution in the mid-90s with his company Sausage Software which he founded in Melbourne in 1995. In 1996 he listed the company on the Australian Stock Exchange when he was just 23, he was the youngest C.E.O of a publicly listed company since Rupert Murdoch. Then four short years later in 2000 sold it for $AUS700M.
He’s returned to NZ to set up zMint, a consultancy using the ‘power of the blockchain to transform finance and society’. The concept of the blockchain in 2017 is as cutting edge as the idea of the internet was 1995. I remember in early 1996 being first introduced to going online having only heard about the world wide web second hand and not really having much of a clue of what it was all about. In 2017 I feel much the same about blockchain!
But that’s one of Steve’s missions, to make the concept of the blockchain (and all that that entails) accessible to everyone. So he’s running a couple of seminars next week, which are open to anyone who’s keen to make sense of it all.
The seminars are at James Events in Parnell, next Tuesday 5th December at 3.30pm and 5.30pm. Check out: for all the details. And take a look at this short YouTube clip to whet your blockchain whistle:

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